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BERLIN: No Dust On the Mirror - May 16

Hartford MFA Group Photography Exhibition

 Adrianna Ault / Rachael Cavaiuolo / Marc Falzon / Patrick Gookin / Erik Hagen / Juan Orrantia / Katharina Poblotzki / Rubén E. Reyes / Tom Robertson

16 May 2018

6:00 – 10:00 at C/O Berlin Education Unit, Hardenbergstraße 19, 10623 Berlin.

BERLIN—Hosted by C/O Berlin, the International Limited-Residency MFA in Photography program at Hartford Art School/University of Hartford (US) presents NoDust On the Mirror, an exhibition of nine photographers that explores leftovers of intimate moments, questions of perception, and violence and histories that escape our grasp.

The exhibition, curated by Michael Vahrenwald, features work in progress of first-year students from the International Limited-Residency MFA in Photography: Adrianna Ault, Rachael Cavaiuolo, Marc Falzon, Patrick Gookin, Erik Hagen, Juan Orrantia, Katharina Poblotzki, Rubén E. Reyes, and Tom Robertson.

In photographs that suggest but do not explain, No Dust On the Mirrorlooks at what is unsaid in relationships, in intimacy, in concentration, and in the silence of remembering. Some images focus the gaze inward by exploring child's play in a father daughter relationship, looking for anchoring moments as a remedy for feeling uprooted, or by turning the camera on oneself to view the absurdities and contradictions of the male body. Other moments consider the threads of family, loss, and memory, or look to an unidentified country in search of something inside. Revisiting sites of mass shootings, or finding the subtle presence of a city’s altars allow space for further reflection. Sometimes the gaze itself is explored - in the concentration of a game of skill, or in the distortion of submerged objects - forcing us to question perception. The remains shown in these photographs force us to reflect on memory, family, the self, and the image.