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Good Goddamn by Bryan Schutmaat, at Kominek Gallery Berlin until 27 of October 2018

Good Goddamn tells a nominally simple story. Shot over a period of a few days in February 2017, in Leon County, Texas, Good Goddamn documents, in only twenty-seven photographs, the last few days of freedom of Schutmaat’s friend Kris before he went into prison. As this is a book of hints and half-lights, the spaces between the pictures being as important, so to speak, as the pictures themselves, we are not informed of the crime that led to Kris’s incarceration, nor the duration of the sentence. But the fact he was not in custody possibly suggests that the misdemeanour was not serious, although the psychological weight of the book perhaps points to the opposite.

- Text by Gerry Badger from his review on 1000 words

Photography Book Workshop with Bryan Schutmaat

Hosted by Kominek Books

2 days workshop exploring the photo bookmaking process. The workshop is designed for photographers who have a photo based project in development that they want to turn in to a completed photobook. Bryan Schutmaat will make an introduction and give an insight in to his working process. He will be assisted by Misha Kominek who has published and edited books by Alec Soth, Rinko Kawauchi, Viviane Sassen and others under his imprint Kominek Books. We will be looking at each participant’s works in group and in individual sessions. Finding solutions and help each participant to define his own ideas around creating a successful book. There will be one to one sessions addressing all the issues regarding concept, editing, sequencing and design. Focusing on how to find and develop your own narrative and story telling. We will also look in to what are the best technical solutions regarding printing, size and edition number, pricing, distribution and more.